We're very sorry to announce that we have decided to follow the latest Government guidelines by closing the centre for an indefinite period with immediate effect. This was a difficult decision, given the fact that many people attend our classes, courses and meditations every week, not to mention the yoga, taiji and mindfulness courses and the fortnightly Community Choir. All these activities will sadly have to cease for an unknown period. We will, of course, monitor the situation closely and let you know as soon as we have a firm prospect of reopening the centre.

For regular Sangha members, we are now holding a "virtual" Sangha evening using a webcam and the Zoom app, with a further, more purely social session on Sunday evening. Both sessions are at 7.30 pm. If you are a regular who would like to join in but are not on our mailing list, please use the contact form on this site to get in touch with us.

We wish you all well and hope that we will all overcome this crisis safely together.


Nothing daunted, we're going to continue and even expand our programme of online meditations. Starting this weekend, there will be a session for newcomers and those who'd like more guidance on the Saturday and a further meditation for more experienced practitioners on the Sunday, both at 11 am. Click on this link to join (if you don't have Zoom on your device, it will ask you to install it - just follow the instructions to enter our virtual shrine room!)









Gender Diversity in the Shrewsbury sangha

We're very aware that not everyone identifies with the binary genders of male and female, and we're looking at ways of being more inclusive to gender non-conforming folks (as well as more generally).

All newcomers courses and drop in classes are mixed (ie open to all genders), as are festival days, sangha nights for regulars and many other activities at the centre.  

We have some binary events that are publicised for ‘women’ or for ‘men’, partly to provide supportive and safe spaces for certain discussion topics, and also because many people have found these contexts valuable over the years. We are exploring the possibility of opening these up, and we are involving our sangha members in this conversation. We want our sangha to be well informed about gender diversity and to understand the discrimination and challenges that gender non-conforming people can face.

Triratna has a Gender Diversity Working Group, seeking to raise awareness and make 'safe spaces' for those of a more non-binary gender identity.  There's also a Facebook Group 'Triratna Gender Diverse Buddhists', which publishes updates and events, eg the Triratna Gender Diverse Gathering, an annual weekend retreat, at Adhisthana. The Working Group is also pondering the conundrum of how to be inclusive and welcoming for everyone who wants to deepen their Buddhist practice, while our Order has a women’s wing and a men’s wing. It’s not easy, but we are doing our best to act with kindness and awareness of a wide range of needs.

If you want to talk about any of this, please contact Prabhakari (pronouns she/her) who is one of our Mitra Convenors: dhprabhakari@gmail.com.



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